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.. Aid & Relief

Bringing aid and relief to people in need demands customized and pragmatic planning and execution on the part of the logistics provider. A service that ensures your help and support reaches the people, with our specialists on site.

Aid & Relief Logistics is a dedicated Agna Logistics product designed to support humanitarian efforts of governmental, non-governmental and charitable organizations, both in routine procurement and emergency situations.

Agna Logistics specialises in the transport of emergency and humanitarian relief goods. We have the expertise to handle any logistical problems which may arise during the shipment and delivery of relief supplies. With over 15 years of team experience in countries of east Africa & Central Asia, we have the capacity and means to deliver your valuable cargo to any destination. We are well placed to be your valuable partner.

We provide aid agencies and their suppliers with full range of logistics services. These include complete ocean freight, airfreight and on-land services; all with end-to-end in-transit visibility. Our landside services are available across east Africa and include loading and unloading, trucking, warehousing, customs clearance and distribution. We pride ourselves on providing customized innovative solutions to meet your critical needs; specific to the aid & relief sector.

We are unmatched in our local and extensive footprint with offices in main cities of Somalia and offices in Dubai and Nairobi. We work with various ocean and air carriers, own and operate warehouses, and we specialise in various cross-border transportation to the landlocked countries throughout East Africa & Central Asia.

Our Services:

Warehousing and Distribution Services

We are currently providing warehouses and distribution services as part of a major Donor’s pre-positioning efforts in Somalia to alleviate hunger in Somalia.

Freight Forwarding Services

We provide freight forwarding and clearance services from UAE and Kenya to our partners in the aid agencies. We receive, clear and transport the cargo from UAE to their final Destination in Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda.

Customs Clearance & On-Land Services

For all major International Organisation and aid agencies, we provide customs clearance and on-land trucking services in East African countries. We are also the Freight Forwarding Agent for logistic companies in Dubai, South Africa, United States, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, etc.