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Safety & Security Transport Insurance

It is a wide spread misunderstanding that the goods that customers ship by air, ocean or road are automatically insured. Carriers as well as freight forwarder have a limited liability. In practice it appears that many transport risks have not or not sufficiently enough been covered by an adequate transport insurance.

Worldwide more than 99% of all transport movements go smoothly. However, in spite of all care, there will always be a risk of damage or deficit. Goods can get damaged or lost in an accident. Also load-unload manipulations, fire, climatologically influences and robbery are some of the risks.

Damages which occur during transport via land, sea or air, cannot easily be recovered from the carrier as his liability is limited. This means that damage or shortage can disturb your business seriously. Transport insurance covers these risks. Irrespective of the liability all damage or loss during transport will be covered.

Transport insurance requires attention to measure your demands. Agna Logistics can advise you and if required arrange your insurance. Besides the competitive price, a rapid service will be in place should any unexpected damage occur. This will save you a lot of paperwork .